Sunday, 9 February 2014

Simple Confrontation

"Can you make it fast? Please!" said Rogger as he looked around swiftly.
"Please sir, I have to leave. Quickly"

He pushed the shopkeeper and snatched the jewellery box half wrapped as he rushed towards the cash counter.

In a fraction of a second a woman came to the counter with confusion in her eyes. She walked towards one of the salesmen as if she was going to inquire about something.
"Ruby, darling."

She heard her husband call out and suddenly the confusion in her eyes was replaced with a twinkle. She almost ran towards him and gave him a hug as she took a deep breath.

"Thirteen years, but these never get old." she said as she looked at him.Rogger nodded as a wide smile spread through his face.
"So what are you getting me this Christmas? Is it another one of those pens? Darling really just because I write occasionally that doesn't mean you have to get me a pen every year."
"Ruby, it is useful. Isn't it?"
"Well, it was in the beginning but then technology came into play and we all type now."
"Oh! Okay then I shall get you something else."
"Yeah, we will see about that."

She concluded the conversation as they both made their way into to the parking lot.
"So what did you get for the kids?" asked Rogger once they got into the car.
"A big stuff toy for Emily and a one of those best seller video games for Ben."
"I hope he likes it. Remember what happened last time."
“You mean when you got him a Barbie video game, how could you? Really!"
"It was so not my fault. I told the shopkeeper to give me one from the best seller section and...
"You forgot to say for girls or boys" Ruby completed his sentence. 
"Anyways he will like this one."
"How are you so sure?"
"Well, you know, I have my ways."
He looked at her and saw her beaming. He loved to see that happen, after a long day he would come home hoping she would stand there and smile at him as he entered and he was never disappointed.
The car ride home was filled with a comfortable silence.

They turned the key quietly making sure that the noise would not wake the children. Then they quietly placed their presents under the Christmas tree and went upstairs. They opened a white door with a sign that said KEEP OUT.
"Well, that's new!" Ruby whispered.
"Till this morning it was DONOT DISTURB."
On the bed lay their son, lost in a dream. They both looked at him with a sense of pleasure that was hard to explain.Then they moved to the room on the other side, and there was a little girl sleeping with a short smile on her face.This was like a ritual. They always went to Ben and Emily's rooms before they went to bed. 

"I was that good, huh?" Rogger said seeing the smile on Ruby’s face after they finished making love.
"No! Don't flatter yourself! I was that good."
"Let’s just agree to disagree."

 Next morning the house was filled with excitement. It was Christmas and everyone loved this day. Both Ben and Emily were up early and started running behind Ruby hoping that they will get their gift early because of their puppy dog eyes. They tried this every year and failed. It was their family tradition to gather around the Christmas tree after breakfast and open their gifts together. 

They greedily finished their pancakes and sat around the tree in the living room. There were four gifts with names written on them. Both the children grab their gifts at the same time and open them in with one short, swift tear. When they saw their gifts their eyes lit up and Ben started jumping around with excitement as Rogger pushed Ruby’s present towards her. She opened the gift with great care, she liked preserving the wrapping paper, as she opened the last fold a planner fell in her lap. The one she always uses but this one was a limited edition.

Even though it was a fancier present then she has ever got on Christmas, her face fell when she saw the dairy.
“I’ll be back.” She said in a chocked voice as she got up and ran towards the bathroom. She walked swiftly towards the door and shut it with a quick but cautious movement. In moments she found herself standing in front of a mirror with wet eyes. Her darkest fears had become her reality. She stood there staring at her reflection and wondering what to do.

“Mum we have to go to school!” was heard from the other side a hard wood door after a double knock against.
“Yes, of course darling, I will be out in a minute.” She said as she took a deep breath and got out of the toilet with her chin up and unusually erect shoulders.
“Is everything alright?” Rodger asked as she made her way back into the living room.
“Oh, yes. We should leave”

And so they did. Rest of the evening was filled with small talk and awkward laughter between parents, the children were quite nervous as they had to perform.During the show the auditorium was filled with smiling proud parents, some of them had tears in their eyes but Ruby didn’t quite fit in. She was looking at the performances and clapping for the children but she was not paying attention. It was as though she was trying to find a missing piece from a puzzle.
As soon as the show was over she walked towards Rogger with an expressionless face but painful eyes.
“Hey”, she said in low voice with a hint of quiver. 
“Tell me what would you do if you were in my position?”
“And what position is that?”
“Imagine that your husband bought a gold necklace and at Christmas gave to somebody else.”
“Oh Ruby! I am…”
“Would you wait around to find out if it’s just a necklace or sex and a necklace or if worst of all it’s a necklace and love? Would you stay knowing life will always be a little bit worse or would you confront?”
“I am sorry, love! I am a classic fool.”
“Well, you have made the life I lead foolish too!” she said walking away.

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