Thursday, 13 March 2014

Save the innocence

“You... you son of an aunty! How could you do that to me?

“I said I am sorry. You know I didn't mean to. It just happened”

“Just happened!!! Really that’s what you want to go with! It does not just happen"

“Well, for me it did. I did not plan it really. I just talked and then bam.”

“Bam... Bam... BAM. That is how you want to describe it! Bam”

“I am really sorry man. But you know potty happens!”

“Okay, If you say so, I want to every little bit of this potty that just happens. Every little detail. Don't leave anything out.”

“Okay, So I was searching for things to buy online, like you know the latest diapers etcetera…”

“Yes and!!”

“OKAY, Dude you need to calm down. I am telling you. Since I was on your computer I saw someone message you on Facebook. It was her. It was that girl who comes to the same kinder garden. And I couldn't stop myself. I had to reply and so I said "Hi".”

“You said Hi! You said Hi and now she is going to think I am an idiot. You don't just say hi to someone like that. I mean she is cute. Now she is going to think I am an idiot.”

“Sorry, dude! Why don't say something now!”

“Hey, I am not a two year old kid!”

“But we are three, big deal!”

This is the kind of talk we are going to hear if we let children get addicted to the computer, or should I say Apple products. I mean really, rich people! What do you think you are doing, giving a child of age five an iPhone? I mean really, you need to keep in touch with your kids every time you send them out either that or you are just so self-involved that you forget to acknowledge their presence when they are around you. And when they are gone you suddenly feel guilty.

Or is this some new show off thing?! Do you go around saying, “Look I bought my child a new very expensive piece of metal/plastic he has no knowledge about.”  

Yes, this is how it sounds. And this has to come from the elite class as most of the other kids copy what their ‘popular’ friends do. You have got to stop making your child a product to show to the rest of world. Let him/she be! And try and preserve their innocence because they are going to turn into desperate teenagers eventually so why accelerate the process.

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