Saturday, 14 September 2013


She went and sat on the nearest stool. It was white, everthing around her was white, it was like a dream, so surreal, so pure. But she didn't notice it, she looked around her, there was huge crowd talking to each other and to her but some how she could not hear them. She could not even make out what they were saying. The bright lights hurt her eyes; people wearing blue made her want to turn her face but she was unable to move. Her body resfused to listen to her mind, she tried to remember what was wrong but for some reason it seemed liked she had blocked her memories. She sat there waiting for it to hit her, trying hard fro something to trigger some kind of emotion. Just then a familiar sort of face came and sat in front of her. he looked at her with eager eyes waiting for her to move or say something or may be cry but she only stared back at him with empty eyes, she was trying to recollect who he was and where had she seen him. He remembered meeting her the day before they had left for their trip and he was thinking of how happy she was that her exams were over and she could waste her time. He had known her since she was five but had never ever seen her like this. It was always like he could hear her thoughts, they always understood each other perfectly. It was telepatic but now he scared. He wanted to say something but he didn't know what to say. She kept looking at him, he put his hand on her knee but she didn't even twitch. It seemed as though her body was in shock and her mind was confused. Like it didn't know why it was supposed to grieve. Just then a lady hugged her and shook her, leaving her tiny body moving to and fro. She said something to her all she managed to take in was "sorry about your father".
Just then it just hit her! Her cheecks felt damp, he then came and sat next to her and held her hand. She felt the silence break in her mind and now could hear people crying around her but she still felt empty.

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