Sunday, 1 September 2013

"When you get married......."

Indians are very familiar to this conversation starter. We have been told since we were very little that a certain amount of things we need to know and we some one we need to be in order to be someone desirable. All the mothers start telling their daughters at every turn of life what would help them bag a good husband. Its like they are they  have taken this job of making a product that sells. Women have to look in certain way , walk in a certain way, talk in a certain way. Girls start hearing this phrase from the moment they are fifteen, its liked these rules have been hammered into their brains. And the rules never change. If you try to argue you are made to believe that you are going to die alone or end up with a not very pleasant person. One my sisters is about o get married and all the women in the family have opened their books of wisdom and given her a list of  Do's and Don'ts. Its funny because most have them had have to be sit-at-home mothers and house wife which is nothing remotely close to what she wants to be. At least I hope so!
It's only the girls but also the boys that get pulled into this social nonsense. But they are told hoe he must listen to his better half. he is taught phrases like 'THE WIFE IS ALWAYS RIGHT". And the girls portrayed as self absorbed, haughty and selfish individuals. If one sees closely these rules just don't make sense. It makes both the men and the women look bad. All of are taught how to make the other person and not how live happily together.
I know most of us don't take it seriously but for the people who do we really need better guidelines or better no guidelines at all. How about, Do what you want! Nobody cares!

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