Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A group of girls.

In a small restaurant in the suburbs of Mumbai sat a few girls or should I say young women. They all were in their late teens and were going through that phase of  "what kind of boy?". So, they sat there  like very other day and discussed the same topic and looked at grown men coming and going out of the restaurant.
On of them started by saying, "Daniel Craig is so good looking!" and the other three girls looked at her in confused looks. But she went, ignoring their expressions, "I saw Skyfall yesterday and all I could think through the film was "OH MY GOD, he is who I want." the girl beside her said, "yes so 100 million other women and at least 50 million other men."And everyone burst out laughing.
"But seriously guys what is it that we want? I mean, have we ever given it a thought?"said one.
"I want a good looking, intelligent,smart,rich..." she was going to go on when one of the girls cut her off and said, "Yes, are you going to marry 50 men?, I mean realistically! What exactly are we looking for?"
Then one who was from a conservative family, who was well aware that she was from a conservative family said, " I am going to have a string of relationships with all kinds of boys and marry a person that my parents choose for me." when she said this the others looked at her trying find a hint of laughter but she was very serious. They didn't ask her more because they all knew her family.
"Moving on" said one of them breaking the awkward silence, "What about you guys?" she went on.
Another one said, "I want him to be fun, I have just one condition and that is DON'T BE BORING!, and you?" she said to the girl  who had been quite throughout the conversation.
She said in a very soft but audible whisper, " I am going to ask him a question, only one question and that is how LONG is it?

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