Tuesday, 27 August 2013


I don't know about all parents but the ones I have met are pretty .... a well, I don't know the word... I think I will go with mentally aged!
And that makes me wonder, what happens to a person when a child is in the picture. Is there some switch in their head that just switches off and they go from being fun people to worried and angry people. Honestly, is there really a way of knowing. And will we also turn into something like this?
No! no one really wants be that wining woman or that angry man who just care about their daughters hair or their son's grades. Well, at least I hope not.
Imagine a nine year old girl telling her father.
" When I grow up I want to be a mother" and then the father says " No! my dear, that's a bad idea."
and if the girl is one of those inquisitive brats she will go on and ask, "but dad you became a father and mom became a mother, so why not?
"Well, look where that got us!"
Honestly, take Indian parents for an instance, they used be amazing people before they got they decided to have sex without a condom!
What suck all the fun out of them? Is it really the child? If it is then why do they want to have it in the first place?
Is it about getting bored! Do they like bored of each other and decide to have a baby.
and is there like a moment or something? like this,
One day sitting in that old living room having a drink I realized I don't have anything I want to say to my wife and thus, I tell her, " hey, babe I think it's time we have a baby!"
Does that happen!
Well, no one will ever know!

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