Monday, 26 August 2013

Indian Clothing

 Indian Clothing For Women.

I mean really why? why?
Why do we even have this shit?
 I believe the first  thing we ever introduced was a sari!
Really that was what we wore, a long piece of cloth!
 Imagine a man going, "hey what do wear?"
 And the woman going," a piece of cloth".
 And the man going, "That's it! That's easy. Its easier than what we have here. all the leaves and animal skin.  Hey i think i will fuck you!"
 He then thinks to himself that he wont smell like leaves once he is done with her.
 And the woman happily going over and when he sees her, he has the shock of his life. turns out for two minutes of pleasure he has to spend 25 minutes on getting her naked. And after that they are so exhausted that its not even fun!
I mean seriously who the hell came with idea of a sari and the ones we have now are even more pathetic. They have gold and mirrors and stones and coins and barley paintings and scenery.
I recently went shopping with my mother, she wanted a sari. And we went in to this  beautiful shop with amazing lighting and lovely oil paintings. The salesman started showing us the latest saris and one of them actually had a woman's picture on it, who is also dressed in a sari with a earthen pot on her head. It got me thinking who would wear that? I mean really, are there women who consider themselves so ugly that they want a face of another woman on their sari just take the attention away!
surprisingly when my mother tried it on all we could see is the woman's breasts. not my mothers but the woman on the picture.
So now you know who will wear it.
Sonam kapoor!

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